Unifies trading, inventory, and traceability in fresh and perishable supply chains to ensure that supply always meets demand

Fresh is different to other industries and requires technology that accounts for its nuances. Technology that will reduce a high degree of manual work, inefficiencies, and waste.


Replaces multiple separate systems and processes and combines all in one:

How does it work?


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Some of the benefits you unlock with OmniOrder® for your fresh produce growing and wholesaling businesses

Better stock control to reduce downgrades, write-offs and lost sales due to over or under stocking

Full traceability including batch tracking built for fresh, handling products that are stored, graded-to-order or picked-to-order

Better insights on market signals to make better supply decisions

Quickly accessible and centralised sales data and sales performance

Export data in various formats for use with credit services

Connection to interstate buyers and sellers

Streamlined order-to-invoice and order-to- dispatch solution to reduce manual work reconciling orders, invoices and stock

Centralised order taking across all channels – in-person trading, app-based ordering and retailer integrations

Simple and intuitive POS for quick order taking on market floors

Unlock The Power Of AI

OmniOrder® is powered by Artificial Intelligence that uses historical sales data, along with various publicly available data sources such as weather data to forecast demand and price elasticity. Make better planning and supply decisions by not only having a view of incoming orders, but forecasting future ones based on supply and demand trends. Talk to us to find out more about how we can use your data to help you make better supply decisions.
Data security and privacy are extremely important to us. We adhere to the following principles:

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