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No one thought people would buy shoes online 20 years ago, yet now it’s a billion dollar industry. Fresh produce has unique characteristics for which a standard e-commerce model doesn’t quite fit. So we created OmniOrder® to work specifically for the industry, especially to replace the time consuming & inefficient process of placing orders via calls, texts and emails.
Absolutely nothing at first, it does work after all. But what happens if you need to trace back an order? What happens if an employee leaves, and the data is on their phone? What happens when a mistake is made, and no one can see it to correct it? And how much time (and wages) is spent every week on processing, tracking and keeping track of manual orders? Switching to online ordering is a faster, better and smarter way to order.
Every product listing on OmniOrder® must specify the product grading, and for products that ripen, the ripeness. Many buyers will choose to inspect products at the beginning of a season, and we encourage this (after all, no one has invented a way to taste test virtually – yet!). We know that no system will ever replace the trust between buyers and sellers, so it is in the interest of sellers to be as open and honest about their product quality online as they are offline.
Yes. Every order placed and confirmed via OmniOrder® constitutes a written contract that is compliant with the Horticulture Code. All order data can be easily exported fulfilling all Australian traceability and audibility regulations.
OmniOrder® allows you to easily add incoming shipments, and it tracks your stock against orders placed. The system will alert you when you are at risk of not being able to fulfil orders and alerts customers that their orders will need to be cross checked.
OmniOrder® allows sellers to create private customer groups and show customised pricing to these groups. We make this easy, so you only need to input one price per product.
OmniOrder® allows easy export of all your orders, so you can easily reconcile your systems. If you would like to set up full automation across your systems, contact us, and we can help you set this up for a small fee.
With OmniOrder®, you are in full control of what you broadcast and to whom. You may wish to set up a public price which is visible to everyone, and customised pricing for specific customer groups. Or, you can keep everything fully private.
OmniOrder® for buyers is available on iOS and Google Play. OmniOrder® for sellers runs in your browser and works seamlessly across desktop, tablets and smartphones.
OmniOrder® is completely free to use for buyers.
OmniOrder® is a new service and is currently completely free to use. In future, the platform will be supported by a small transaction fee charged to sellers.
No. OmniOrder® is being launched focusing on the fresh produce industry, as we believe this is where it’s needed most. However, it’s a flexible platform and can be used in many other industries. We also do custom deployments for enterprises in a single vendor configuration. Contact the team at Optomni to discuss your requirements.

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