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Introducing OmniOrder® for Fresh Produce

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Access more buyers, simplify your stock management and set private pricing for your preferred customers


View products from multiple sellers, place orders, easily re-order, chat directly to sellers and more

We Digitalise the Market Trading Model

OmniOrder® allows buyers and sellers to trade in real time, from anywhere, right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s an online version of the wholesale markets, open for business 24/7.

Automate Existing Workflows and Processes

Receiving orders from different channels such as calls, texts and emails is time consuming and can cause errors. No one likes chasing up lost orders or scrolling through old messages. OmniOrder® centralises all communications while letting buyers and sellers negotiate pricing, and most importantly be in control of your valuable data.

Optimise Inventory Levels by Matching Supply to Demand

Fresh produce supply chain has unique challenges, such as variable product quality and gradings, seasonal supply, rapidly changing prices and market conditions. Growers and wholesalers often have decades of experience in managing supply and demand. OmniOrder® uses AI to optimise the best level of inventory to minimise lost orders due to understocking or waste and clearances due to overstocking – a complex maths problem. Combine OmniOrder’s AI with your experience to optimise your supply-demand management.

Buyers can view fresh produce from multiple sellers


If you are an independent retailer or an onward wholesaler and are fed up with lost messages and excessive admin work to find out what is available from your suppliers then this platform is designed for you. See product catalogues, specials, place orders, easily reorder standing orders, and keep all your chats organised in one place. Save your time on placing orders and spend it growing your business instead.


If you are a primary wholesaler based out of a central market, then you know better than anyone how important it is to keep your stock under control. Set public and private prices, and let OmniOrder® automate your order receivals. At the same time, you have full control when stock is low so you will never disappoint your most loyal customers.

Sellers have access to more buyers produce and stock control

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Build customer loyalty

Sometimes, you don't want to advertise your stock and prices to the whole world. Easily create private groups for your most trusted customers so only they can see what you're offering.

Reduce time on manual processes

Forget about tallying stock on paper or chasing up orders which are in someone's phone or head. Easily track all orders in progress as a buyer or a seller.

Reduce ordering errors

We're all human, and sometimes mistakes happen. The problem is when those mistakes are on a piece of paper or on someone's phone, they don't get fixed, and become very expensive, very fast. With OmniOrder® your business is safe from costly mistakes.

Benefits of OmniOrder, a wider pool of customer and suppliers

Access a wider pool of customers and suppliers

As a seller, create public offers to attract new customers, and as a buyer, view offerings from all suppliers to build new business relationships.

Save your time and your customers

Forget about tallying stock on paper or chasing up orders which are in someone's phone or head. Easily track all orders in progress as a buyer or a seller.

Reduce waste and write-offs

Sellers can easily create promotions to move stock, downgrade product gradings and ripening, and be notified when products are moving slower than usual

"We took the time to understand how the fresh produce industry works, and why it works the way it does. In other industries, customers are engaging more and more with digital channels, and there is a big opportunity to improve processes with the market trading model. The thing is that standard e-commerce doesn't work for the fresh produce industry, so we created OmniOrder®, which does."
Murad Mekhtiev CEO of Optomni | OmniOrder™
Murad Mekhtiev
Co-founder & CEO

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