Manage your primary or secondary wholesale business with OmniOrder®

Access a wider pool of buyers

Relationships are the cornerstone of the industry. But some buyers are looking to forge new supplier relationships too. How do you get your offers out to those who you don't yet have a strong relationship with? With OmniOrder®, you can get in front of more buyers at the click of a button.

Build loyalty with your trusted customers

Your relationships with your most loyal customers are the most valuable thing you have. Reward your customers by setting up private groups with their own pricing and publish private market updates just for them.

Reduce manual order processing

Some orders are emailed through overnight, others are texted to your team, someone calls and the order is jotted down “somewhere”. Now spend hours getting all this under control so you can figure out your stock position. Does this sound familiar? Save time and money by having all your orders flow through automatically.

Improve stock flow & reduce write-offs

Unlike other ordering platforms, OmniOrder® warns you when your stock is being sold slower than usual. Get a handle on your expected stock consumption BEFORE the stock ages and you need to downgrade the quality. Take corrective action by broadening your offers or setting up a promotion to increase sales and prevent waste and write-offs.

Use any device to order with OmniOrder

OmniOrder® Works on All Devices

Whether you need to use a POS terminal, an iPad to stay mobile, or even your phone the night before, OmniOrder® for Sellers works seamlessly across all your devices.

Intelligent Order Confirmation

Unlike products sitting in a warehouse, fresh produce has to be matched supply to demand. OmniOrder® intelligent order confirmation system uses Artificial Intelligence to match up the demand to your supply to automate order approval. But you are always in control, and when stock runs low, you decide whether to confirm orders and who to allocate stock to when it’s almost out.

Manage Stock and Price in One Place

Where would you look to get the most accurate picture of your inventory? Is it your accounting system, or your trading floor? OmniOrder® makes stock and price management simple and intuitive so you can spend less time reconciling your systems and more time building your business.

Automate Order Fulfilment

OmniOrder® is not an online shopping system. In addition to managing the full ordering process, it automates your logistics and order fulfilment, generating automated pick slips and ensuring orders are routed to customers' bays.

Secure Chat with Auto-Tagging

OmniOrder® features end-to-end encrypted chat which uses AI to automatically tag your chats with the products you are talking about so you never need to scroll through endless conversations again. And you are always in control of your data.

Ready to take your wholesale business to the next level with OmniOrder®?

Powered by the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence

OmniOrder® is built for humans first and foremost. But behind it lies Optomni's Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Algorithms work behind the scenes to match supply and demand, so you can focus on your customers, not on administration.

Use artificial intelligence to match supply and demand

Powerful Order Management

View and track orders, adjust quantities and allocations when stock is low, substitute products, and more

Dynamic Stock Control

Easily manage incoming shipments to match supply to demand. Just add new stock and OmniOrder® will keep track of batches to ensure that your stock flows "First In, First Out"

Publish Market Updates

OmniOrder® features easy to use publishing tools so that you can keep your customers informed. In addition, just like your offers, choose whether to publish them to everyone or to your private groups.

Easy Data Export

Your data is your data. All your customers, orders, stock and price information is easily downloadable in CSV format so you always maintain control of how you use it.

Find out how OmniOrder® can help your wholesale business save time and money