Streamline your ordering processes with OmniOrder®

Save Time

Time spent checking stock availability and prices, and placing orders via calls, texts and emails, and then trying to trace something through all that is time that can be better spent elsewhere. Win back your valuable time with OmniOrder®.

Find New Offers

In the fresh produce industry, things change all the time. Find new offers easily by seeing what sellers are broadcasting publicly and forge new relationships with new suppliers.

Personalised Service

No software will ever replace the human touch. We automate the ordering process, but we make it easy for you to communicate directly with your suppliers so you can still get the personalised service that you deserve.

Reduce Ordering Mistakes

Ordering mistakes are costly. And when they are in emails, texts, on paper (or worse, in someone's head), they don't get fixed. Increase transparency with OmniOrder® and ensure that orders are accurate every time.

Use any device to order with OmniOrder

OmniOrder® Works on All Devices

OmniOrder® for Buyers is built for today's connected world. Access it from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Place an order from your tablet the night before, check it's status in the morning from your phone before you pick it up, and reconcile your orders from your laptop or desktop - all of that is possible with OmniOrder®

View Detailed Product Information

We know that Fresh Produce is unique. View varietal, grading, supplier, provenance, ripeness, packaging format and other crucial information for every product.

Semi-Automated Re-Ordering

Do you generally make similar orders every week? Easily re-order based on your favourite products and past orders, while staying in control of when the orders are placed.

Instant Order Confirmations

There is nothing worse than placing an order and then finding out, right when the market is opening that the order can't be fulfilled. With OmniOrder® your orders are confirmed and locked in. And if supply is short, then you will be informed by your suppliers ASAP.

Secure Chat with Auto-Tagging

OmniOrder® features end-to-end encrypted chat which uses AI to automatically tag your chats with the products you are talking about so you never need to scroll through endless conversations again. And you are always in control of your data.

Ready to switch to faster, better, smarter ordering with OmniOrder®?

Powered by the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence

OmniOrder® is built for humans first and foremost. But behind it lies Optomni's Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Algorithms work behind the scenes to match supply and demand, so you can focus on your customers, not on administration.

Use artificial intelligence to match supply and demand

Personalised Pricing

Your relationships with your suppliers are your competitive edge. With OmniOrder®, we understand the value of personalised offerings, and our private groups deliver personalised pricing from your go-to suppliers.

View Market Intel

Your business is in the intelligence business. In fresh produce, making the right buying decisions depends on having the latest market intelligence. Stay up to date with market updates from your suppliers.

Augmented Intelligence

Our AI assistant, Omniya™, provides intelligent personalised recommendations to you that are based on what people similar to you are buying and selling.

Weather data

Omniya™ provides live alerts if any extreme weather events are likely to affect supply so you can be first to take action.

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